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Uses of Icon In chats

Want To How I USE Chat Icon Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Icon design is one of my favorite aspects of design. It is the art of taking an object, concept, process, etc. and creating a small, concise image that represents it.

Icons are very important to create a good user interface and improve the user experience. However, for his designer, whose main focus is on UX design, creating icons can be difficult due to lack of expertise.

One aspect of his icon-making is finding ideas and concepts that represent topics and terms.

Simple symbols like clouds have common conventions and examples, so you don’t have to reinvent them when representing database clouds. However, for more specialized icons, an appropriate design may be debated. For example, when designing an icon that represents the word ‘responsibility’, there is no single right answer. Different people may interpret concepts differently. Therefore, many ideas should be generated and tested before deciding on a symbol.

ChatGPT is here to help you generate many ideas with one click. This way you can get an idea of ​​what icons you should create to have different options.

This post presents a brainstorm for creating a simple icon. Not only is this easier to understand, but this process can be applied to any icon.

In this blog post, let’s explore how ChatGPT inspired us to create icons.
Design briefing
Before starting work, I wrote a short overview. It contained information about the app, the brand, and a contextual description of the icon. This challenge helped focus and orientate the creation of the icons.

Here’s the short version:

A quick guide to designing a simple recipe app icon


HomeChef Simplified is an app software company focused on creating apps that provide easy-to-make recipes for home cooks. Our main goal is to help users prepare healthy meals with minimal effort so they can eat better and improve their overall health.

design goal

For your app’s landing page, create visually appealing and easily recognizable icons that effectively express the idea of ​​”cooking made simple and easy.” Your icon should be simple, concise, and convey the core idea of ​​your app. Icon requirements

Modern, minimalist and visually appealing graphic design icon set.
Color palette:
Your color palette should match your brand identity, app color scheme, and other icons in your icon set.
No text is required within the icon, but be compatible with your app’s typography for the context of your landing page if necessary.

I gave some useful tips at the end of the article.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the process presented here is straightforward. I didn’t go into detail about designing the icon until it was ready to use, I just wanted to show how the machine can be used to develop ideas.

If you have any suggestions or other techniques that you’ve had good results with, feel free to drop us a line on LinkedIn. 

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